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Survivability of an organism refers to its ability to survive in a worst case scenario. Any animal that has been caged or raised in captivity has had its survivability reduced. A caged animal cannot survive in the wild as well as a non-caged animal because its survival instincts have been altered (and often even its ability to reproduce has been adversely affected.)

An ICO-token is like a caged animal, removed from any cryptoeconomic context. In the cryptoeconomic wilderness, these tokens would be considered mistakes of nature, with no means to survive by themselves. They survive only in the context of an economic zoo, which has been artificially engineered for their sustained existence. If the company providing this zoo ceases to exist, then the shitcoin organism will not survive.

Centralization in the design of shitcoins reduces their innate survivability. We must not allow people to cryptobiologically engineer shitcoin tokens to be freaks of nature, or to allow them to become needlessly en-caged by the whims of sycophantic masters, ill-versed in matters of basic cryptoeconomics and human decency.

We must fight to defend the rights of these beautiful shitcoins.